Navarinou Park

The Navarinou Park, also known as the parking park is a free self-managed space in Exarcheia – an area which is a centre of social movements and alternative cultural practices since the 1970s. The ground actually belongs to TEE, which first was to host its offices, later it was to become a square as part of an exchange with the Municipality of Athens, and finally it turned out to become an open air parking space since 1990. In 2008 the lease was terminated and the issue of its construction was raised provoking reactions by local groups. On the 7th of March 2009 a multitude of people (including groups and individuals) responded to a digital call for collective action and occupied the space demanding the transformation of the parking into a park. Guerilla gardening started right away. The park has become a self-organised, anti-hierarchical and anti-commercial space with an open assembly. The park is actually a place of gathering, creation, emancipation, gaming and resistance. It aims to become a park beyond profit and property, functioning as a space of play,assembly and communication, creativity, exchange and activism beyond barriers of age, origin, education, social and financial status.

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